Podcast Interview #11: Judith Middleton, Judith's Divorce Blog

Today I had the very great pleasure of speaking with Judith Middleton (left), author of Judith's Divorce Blog. Judith is a Partner at Latimer Hinks Solicitors in Darlington, where she specialises in family law. Amongst other things, we talk about blogging, her work, current issues in family law and sailing in the English Channel in a force 8 gale! My thanks to Judith for taking time out of a very busy schedule to take part in the podcast.

Podcast Interview #10: Sam Hasler - An American Perspective

Today I am speaking to Sam Hasler, a US attorney and sole practitioner based in Anderson, Indiana, USA, where his areas of practice include business litigation and family law. He is the author of Sam Hasler's Indiana and Family Law Blog. We talk in detail about the US system of family law, with particular reference to Indiana, discussing the differences from (and similarities with) the system in England and Wales. We also talk about the effect of the recession, and why Sam got into blogging.

Podcast Interview #9: Avi Lasarow, Trimega Laboratories

I speak to Avi Lasarow of Trimega Laboratories about the drug and alcohol misuse testing that the company provides. In particular, we talk about hair drug and alcohol testing, and its use in public and private law children proceedings. Avi says that such tests have become the 'gold standard', and explains the reasons for this.

Podcast Interview #8: Marilyn Stowe, Stowe Family Law

Today I am speaking to Marilyn Stowe, senior partner in Stowe Family Law and one of Britain’s best known divorce lawyers. Apart from being one of the most sought after divorce lawyers in the country, Marilyn has written two books, regularly writes articles for national newspapers and magazines, appears frequently on television and radio, and is the author of the Marilyn Stowe Blog. Topics covered include reforms to the family justice system, the recent cases of McFarlane and Radmacher and Mr Justice Coleridge's views on family breakdown.

Podcast Interview #7: Nick Langford, ex-Fathers-4-Justice

Today I am speaking to Nick Langford, former Political & Research Co-Ordinator for the fathers’ rights group, Fathers 4 Justice, until it disbanded recently, and not to be confused with Nicholas Longford, new chair of Resolution. We speak about what Fathers 4 Justice stood for, the group's (and his) views on the family justice system, opening up the system, divorce reform and reconstructing iron age roundhouses (see picture!), among other things. My thanks to Nick for taking part.

Podcast Interview #6: Mark Keenan, Divorce Online

Today I am speaking to Mark Keenan, founder and Managing Director of Divorce Online, the first online divorce service in Europe. Mark founded Divorce Online in 1999, and it has since grown into the largest single provider of divorce services in the country. We talk about how he set up the company, how it does its business and the future of provision of family law services, amongst other things.

Podcast Interview #5: Natasha Phillips, Divorce Manual

Today I am speaking to Natasha Phillips, author of the Divorce Manual blog. Natasha is not a practising lawyer but does have a legal background which, she says, gave her a ‘slightly unusual insight’ into the divorce process, when she went through it herself. Her blog has been described by The Times as “packed with resources for families going through the Family Courts in the UK.” We talk about how she became interested in family law, her blog, her work to improve the family justice system and other things, including a remote controlled arachnid!

Podcast Interview #4: Rosemary Slessor

Today I am speaking to Rosemary Slessor, better known in the blawging community as 'Fiona', author of the Divorce Survivor blog which is, to my knowledge, still the only Scottish family law blog. Fiona is not, in fact, a lawyer. However, she writes on the subject of family law with as much authority as many a family lawyer, and has been blogging now for over a year. We talk about everything from divorce in Scotland, in particular the differences between the Scottish and English systems, to 'Munro bagging' - you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out what that is! My thanks to Rosemary for taking the time to do what I hope you will find a very interesting podcast.

Podcast Interview #3: Jacqui Gilliatt

For my third podcast interview I talk to Jacqui Gilliatt. Jacqui is a barrister at 4 Brick Court, a leading set of Chambers in family law, she has written articles on family law matters, she is the author of the Bloody Relations blog and she is the General Editor of the Family Law Week Blog. We talk about Jacqui's work at the Bar, supervising pupils, blogging and some of the big issues in family law today, amongst other things.

Podcast Interview #2: Lucy Reed

In my second podcast interview and the first of what I hope will be many podcast interviews with people with something to say about the family justice system I talk to Lucy Reed, barrister and author of the Pink Tape blog. We talk about a number of things, including the role and work of barristers in family law, some of the big issues in family law at the moment and what it's like mixing motherhood with a career at the bar.

Podcast Interview #1: Charon QC

Today I embark upon a new career as a podcast interviewer, and who more appropriate to talk to for my first podcast interview than Charon QC, probably the most prolific podcaster in the UK legal blogosphere? We talk about many things, including podcasting, Twitter, blogging and, of course, drinking red wine. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as I enjoyed making it: