Podcast Interview #10: Sam Hasler - An American Perspective

Today I am speaking to Sam Hasler, a US attorney and sole practitioner based in Anderson, Indiana, USA, where his areas of practice include business litigation and family law. He is the author of Sam Hasler's Indiana and Family Law Blog. We talk in detail about the US system of family law, with particular reference to Indiana, discussing the differences from (and similarities with) the system in England and Wales. We also talk about the effect of the recession, and why Sam got into blogging.

Podcast Interview #9: Avi Lasarow, Trimega Laboratories

I speak to Avi Lasarow of Trimega Laboratories about the drug and alcohol misuse testing that the company provides. In particular, we talk about hair drug and alcohol testing, and its use in public and private law children proceedings. Avi says that such tests have become the 'gold standard', and explains the reasons for this.